Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Many Williamson County departments produce maps and geospatial data. The County's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff help departments by providing the infrastructure and tools to create the maps and data they need. Many of the data sets and maps on this site have the GIS staff as a contact, but the data is maintained by another department. In some cases, data may be created by other government agencies and compiled by the County.

This site is the clearinghouse for maps and data produced by different County departments. Maps used by various departments or the entire County are posted here when they have been cleared for public access. All information posted on this site is public domain and is free of charge.

GIS & Addressing

The GIS and Addressing staff work in the Department of Information Technology Services. The staff provides mapping, addressing, and analysis services to County departments and the public. For general GIS requests, please use the form below. you are looking for Addressing requests, please scroll further down on this page to the Addressing Staff section or click on Address Request Form to go to the form.

Contact Information

Several County departments create maps and GIS data. The management of the GIS databases and general mapping is done by the GIS Division in Information Technology Services.

Each department is in charge of its data, maps, and processes. If you have a general question or are not sure who to call, please get in touch with the GIS Director or email the GIS Department (this email will reach several staff). In addition, please see the Links page for other entities' GIS information and contacts. For more specific County information, please see the contact list below.

Addressing Staff

If you need to obtain an address (to get telephone service, utility hookups, etc.) please contact the Addressing Staff.

Your contact options are:

View the Williamson County Inner Loop Annex Map (PDF) for more details.

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