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1. Where do I register my car? Or where is the tax office?
2. What year do your records start?
3. Could I obtain the square footage of a house or the size of a lot from the Williamson County Clerk's Office?
4. Does Williamson County have zoning?
5. Can I look up land records by a legal description?
6. I need a copy of my divorce. Where can I get it?
7. What is the phone number for the appraisal district?
8. How do I contact the County Clerk's records division?
9. Does Williamson County have any rules and regulations for building within the County outside a city's limit?
10. What do I need to do to get a certified copy of my marriage license since you can print a plain copy from the website?
11. What do I need to do to get a marriage license?
12. How do I get a copy of a birth or death record?