District Clerk

The District Clerk provides support for the district courts in each county. The clerk is the custodian of all court pleadings and papers that are part of any cause of action, civil or criminal in the courts served by the Clerk. The District Clerk indexes and secures all court records, enters judgment, collects court costs and filing fees, records the court's acts and proceedings, and is Jury Manager for the County.  

Public Information Requests shall be sent to the official Public Information Requests email.

Email District Clerk all other copy requests.

The district clerk's records/research section will limit members of the public in research areas. Requests for civil, family, juvenile and criminal records will be handled electronically. You may submit your request through email of the District Clerk and your copies will be transmitted to you via email. Certified copies cannot be emailed. They will be mailed to the address on the request form or you may come to the office for a certified copy request.

Cases filed are also located on the Judicial Records website.

Official records such as Misdemeanors, Deeds, Marriage, Birth, and Death records are requested through the County Clerk's office or the online County Clerk Website.


District Clerk Lisa DavidIn November 2006, Lisa was elected as Williamson County District Clerk. Lisa began work in the District Clerk’s office in 1981 serving as Deputy District Clerk and Assistant Chief Deputy. Lisa has been appointed to various committees and continues to serve on the CDCAT Legislative Committee, OCA Texas Advisory Committee, and currently serves as the president of the Texas District Court Alliance.

In June 2018, Lisa was awarded the District Clerk of the Year for the State of Texas by the County and District Clerk's Association.  

Lisa is a life-long resident of Williamson County. 

"I am humbled and honored to serve the residents of Williamson County."