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1. Can I review the award results of bids, projects and proposals that I did not bid?
2. Does the County give bid results over the telephone?
3. Does the County release the estimated cost of projects being bid?
4. Does the Purchasing Department buy for all County Offices?
5. How can I schedule a meeting with someone in the Purchasing Office?
6. How do I bid on Williamson County bids, projects and proposals?
7. How do I get bid results of bids, projects and proposals that I bid?
8. How do I get Information regarding previous contracts?
9. May I send a bid package by facsimile or paper bids?
10. Must a company be a resident of Texas to bid?
11. What amount must a project be before it is bid?
12. What are the bonding requirements?
13. What are your office hours?
14. When will I be paid?
15. Where is your office located?
16. Who originates the requirement for a Bid, Request for Qualifications or Request for Proposal?