What is included in the $59 million for parks?

The park bond measure includes a mixture of 14 proposed projects related to future parkland acquisition, facility development projects associated with Berry Springs Park and Preserve, Williamson County Expo Center and Twin Lakes Park, as well as several shared use path projects.

  • Brushy Creek Regional Trail connection between Fern Bluff MUD and City of Round Rock
  • Future parkland acquisition
  • Shared Use Path along Berry Creek between Berry Springs Park & Preserve and Georgetown’s Westside Park.
  • Twin Lakes Park projects with YMCA to construct adventure course and expand parking.
  • Williamson County Expo Center covered west arena, restrooms/showers, land acquisition to expand facilities.
  • SUP between Lakeline Park and Twin Lakes Park connecting to BCRT with bridge over Bell Blvd.
  • Gap funding for construction of SUP from Regional Park to Sam Bass Road and Berry Springs Improvements

See more information in the Park Bond flyer. View the parks presentation here. See a list of projects with approximate costs here.

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