What is the County doing to improve our current roads?

Maintaining our current road and transportation infrastructure is a great priority for the County. Williamson County is responsible for maintaining approximately 1,400 miles of county roads spread over an area of 1,124 square miles. By evaluating each road, Williamson County has created a schedule for resurfacing neighborhood roads and county roads, as well as conducting major maintenance on county roads when necessary. All the Road and Bridge revenue goes to maintaining the roadway system. If you have a question or request about maintenance on a county road, please email Road Administration or call 512-943-3330.

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1. What is the Liberty Hill Bypass project?
2. What is the Williamson County LRTP?
3. Why is this project needed?
4. What are the project limits?
5. How was the Liberty Hill Bypass alignment determined?
6. Why is the east-bound frontage road the first portion of the project to be constructed?
7. What is the schedule for this project?
8. Is the County going to hold a large public meeting?
9. How is the Liberty Hill Bypass project being funded?
10. How will residents and business owners along the alignment be impacted?
11. What is the ROW acquisition process?
12. Will the County take any homes or businesses for the roadway using eminent domain?
13. What is the County doing to improve our current roads?
14. Where may I go to ask questions or receive more information about the Liberty Hill Bypass project?