How often do you need to do seal coat maintenance?

Seal CoatSeal Coat Maintenance is often performed on an 8 - 10 year basis. If preventive maintenance, crack sealing and seal coat resurfacing, e.g., is conducted on Williamson County roads and streets on a routine basis, the existing pavement structure will last for many decades.

Two different seal coats of varying ages: on the left is a seal coat approximately a couple of months old, while the one on the right is approximately four years old.

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1. Why was the seal coat done?
2. How long does a seal coat take?
3. Why did you stop at the cul-de-sacs?
4. The street was swept, but why is there still a lot of gravel scattered around?
5. What about the areas skipped where cars were parked?
6. The seal coat surface is too rough. My kids can’t roller blade and my dog can’t walk in the street. What can be done to smooth it out?
7. When can I walk on the asphalt again?
8. How often do you need to do seal coat maintenance?
9. Why not pave the street with material like the one we already have? What is the difference in cost?
10. Where else have they used the seal coat process?
11. My street was just resurfaced. Is this the final product?
12. Where do I go for more information?