Why is a fog seal done?

Asphalt streets consist of a 1½ to 2 inch layer of asphaltic concrete most people just call asphalt or pavement. Over time, the asphalt ages, weathers, and oxidizes. It becomes brittle and cracks. While the old surface appears smooth, it contains hairline cracks that if not treated would continue to widen, deepen and eventually form potholes.

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1. Why is a fog seal done?
2. How long does a fog seal take?
3. When can I walk on the asphalt again?
4. How often is fog seal maintenance required?
5. Why was a fog seal applied on the cul-de-sacs instead of a seal coat like the straight sections of road?
6. Why not pave the street with material like the one we already have? What is the difference in cost?
7. Where else has the fog seal process been used?
8. Where do I go for more information?
9. What if I need to leave my house while the fog seal is curing?