May I send a bid package by facsimile or paper bids?

Bids cannot be received via facsimile.

Williamson County highly recommends submitting all bids via the Bonfire electronic Bidding platform.

As of July 30, 2021, all bids will be submitted, received and awarded via Bonfire. Please register at Bonfire so you may receive notifications for any solicitations that pertain to your business.

To facilitate your participation in the bidding process, the county will accept submittals as follows:

  • Hand-delivered paper bids.
  • Mail or courier-delivered paper bids.
  • Hand-delivered, mail and courier-delivered paper bids must be received and time stamped in the Williamson County Purchasing department at 100 Wilco Way, Suite P101, Georgetown, Texas 78626, by the bid closing time. Bids received even one minute late cannot legally be considered and will be refused or returned unopened to the supplier.
  • In the case of a time dispute, the official time stamp of the Williamson County Purchasing Department is final.

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