How do I commend an employee?

Everyone likes a pat on the back when they do a good job. Williamson County Sheriff's Office employees are no different. Each year, the Sheriff's Office receives numerous employee commendations from the public, but for each one we receive, there are many more commendable acts that go unrecognized.

When you receive service from the Sheriff's Office you feel is worthy of commendation, we would like to hear about it. Call the employee's supervisor [if you know it] or the Office of Internal Affairs 512-943-1360, 512-943-1398. Or simply fill out the Commendation Form (PDF) found on this site and mail it in or drop it off to any Sheriff's Office employee. You may also complete the form, save it, and email the Sheriff's Office.

Please include the information you can remember such as the employee's name, the address, date, or any other circumstances about the incident. The employee will be notified of your commendation as will his/her supervisor. A copy of your commendation will also be placed in the employee's file.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Internal Affairs or a Patrol Supervisor if you should have a specific question or concern.

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