What is the Application and Selection Process?

If you are an attorney or CPS Caseworker involved with a pending CPS case, or if you have a case that may be eligible for FRC, please email the FRC Case Manager.

If you are a party in a CPS case (i.e., a parent), please ask your attorney or caseworker for more information or to contact the FRC Case Manager for you.

Cases are screened, and if a case is appropriate, the FRC Case Manager will contact the parent(s) and their attorney.

If a parent shows interest, an FRC attorney will be appointed to advise them of the benefits of acceptance.

There will be a staffing process and a meeting between the potential participant(s) and the team and, ultimately, the team will make a recommendation on acceptance to the Court. The Court then decides whether to approve admission into FRC.

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4. What is the Application and Selection Process?