Am I qualified to vote by mail?

Voters who wish to vote by mail must meet at least one of the four eligibility requirements listed below:

  1. 65 years of age or older
  2. Sick or disabled
  3. Expected to give birth within 3 weeks before or after Election Day
  4. Expected Absence from the County* (Must be absent during the entire early voting period, Election Day, AND provide an out-of-county address where your ballot can be mailed, AND include dates you can receive mail at the out-of-county address.)
  5. Confined in jail or Involuntary Civil Commitment, but otherwise eligible to vote

*Voters who are absent from the county because they are active duty military or because they reside overseas should complete a Federal Post Card Application. Visit EarlyVoting Ballot Board for more information

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1. Am I qualified to vote by mail?
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