What is a Writ of Possession?

When a Writ of Possession has been received by the Constable's office, the following procedures will apply:

  1. The deputy assigned to the writ will place a 24-hour notice to vacate (RED TAG) on the front door of the premises.
  2. The deputy will then contact the Plaintiff/Plaintiff's representative to schedule a day and time to conduct the move out.
  3. Plaintiff/Plaintiff's representative is responsible for providing sufficient manpower and resources to remove the defendant's personal property in a timely manner.
  4. The defendant's personal property will be removed from the premises and placed at a nearby location. Deputies may help to determine the best place to move the personal property.
  5. No writ will be worked in inclement weather (rain, sleet or snow).

Per the Williamson county constable fee schedule, after two hours an additional fee of $40 per hour per deputy will be assessed.

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