What is the Foundation?

The Williamson County Conservation Foundation (formerly known as the Williamson County Karst Foundation) was formed in December 2002 for the purpose of providing for conservation and perhaps the eventual recovery of endangered and threatened species in Williamson County. The Foundation is overseen by a seven-member Board of Directors, including two Williamson County Commissioners.

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1. How is development of the RHCP funded?
2. What are “covered species”?
3. What are No Surprise assurances?
4. What are the basic applicable provisions of the Endangered Species Act (ESA)?
5. What are the benefits to a Regional Habitat Conservation Plan?
6. What is a Regional Habitat Conservation Plan?
7. What is the Foundation?
8. What other requirements govern development of a Regional Habitat Conservation Plan (RHCP)?
9. What species are anticipated to be “covered species” under the Williamson County RHCP?
10. Where can I go for FAQs with regards to U.S. Fish and Wildlife?