Does the County Clerk accept wills prior to the testator's death?

Pursuant to Chapter 252.001 of the Texas Estates Code, a person may deposit their Will with the County Clerk of Williamson County if that person resides in Williamson County.There is a one-time administrative fee of $5.

Please provide proof of Williamson County residency (i.e. ID, Driver's License, Utility bill) of the person whose Will is being deposited with us.

Please bring the person's Will sealed in an envelope, with the printed name, address and signature of the person on the outside of the envelope. Also, the envelope should have the names and addresses and or email addresses of 2 people who should be notified after the death of the person whose Will has been deposited with us.

The deputy clerk shall index the sealed Will and place the envelope in a secured area. The deputy clerk does not review the contents of the envelope or the Will. The deputy clerk shall issue a certificate of deposit for the Will upon receipt.The Will may be removed at any time by the person for whom the Will was created. Further details of the process may be found in Chapter 252 of the Texas Estates Code.In other words if Mary has her lawyer create her Will, she may bring her Will to us to hold until her death or her lawyer may bring it or her sister if Mary is unable to bring it herself as long as all of the information stated above is on the outside of the envelope. No one but Mary may retrieve the deposited Will.

For more information, please call the County Clerk Probate Office at 512-943-1140

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