What kind of masks is the Mask Brigade making?

We are asking volunteers to create two specific types of masks based on the patterns below that are designed to provide enhanced protection to high-risk populations:

COVID Ranger Mask

Their N95 mask is in order to extend the life of the medical-grade mask. Over their N95 mask in order to extend the life of the medical-grade mask.

Sewing machine Pattern: We are using the Covid Rangers - Guides patterns for the creation of the masks, or you can download the document, COVID Ranger Mask Cover Instructions (PDF) with step-by-step directions.

COVID Safety Mask

Designed for general use by nursing home residents and other at-risk groups provide enhanced safety as people go about their day, while still observing social distancing

Sewing Machine Pattern: You can download the PDF document, COVID Safety Mask Sewing Instructions (PDF) with step-by-step directions.

Embroiderers: We are using the Applique Alley patterns for the creation of the masks. Please note: to use the design from Applique Alley, you need to create an account and add the patterns to your "shopping cart", but these are free-of-charge patterns, and you are not charged at "checkout". You can easily download the patterns to your embroidering machine. There is also a How-To video for pleating.

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