I want to make masks. How does this work?

If you join the brigade, you may use your own material (100% cotton, quilters fabric) and your supplies to complete the project. Or, you may sign up to pick up a kit for use in preparing masks for the Mask Brigade. You can then go to town making masks with your equipment, the Covid Ranger or Covid Safety pattern, and either your supplies or the kit we provide. Once you are finished making masks, you should drop them off at the Celebration Church Annex (see below). We will quality check each mask, Reid's Cleaners will sanitize the masks, and they will be packaged for distribution and use!

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1. What is the Mask Brigade?
2. I need a mask. How do I get one?
3. Is the Mask Brigade making masks for public distribution?
4. I want to make masks. How does this work?
5. What kind of masks is the Mask Brigade making?
6. I have my own sewing machine and supplies and want to help. What do I do next?
7. I have my own sewing machine, but no supplies. Can I participate?
8. I have an embroidering machine. How can I help?
9. Can I loan my extra sewing machine to the COVID Rangers?
10. Do you accept supply donations? I don’t sew or embroider, but I still want to help.
11. Where do I donate supplies or drop off completed masks?
12. I don’t drive. How can I get completed masks to you?
13. Who are our partners in this effort?
14. Who do I contact for more information?