What is the Mask Brigade?

In partnership with the Covid Rangers, Sunday City Volunteers, Celebration Church, and with generous support from Reid's Cleaners in Round Rock, Williamson County is organizing volunteers to make 100% cotton, non-medical-grade, masks to support first responders medical professionals, and vulnerable residents in Williamson County. The goal is to provide the masks to specially identified groups who are at risk during this time through official distribution channels.

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1. What is the Mask Brigade?
2. I need a mask. How do I get one?
3. Is the Mask Brigade making masks for public distribution?
4. I want to make masks. How does this work?
5. What kind of masks is the Mask Brigade making?
6. I have my own sewing machine and supplies and want to help. What do I do next?
7. I have my own sewing machine, but no supplies. Can I participate?
8. I have an embroidering machine. How can I help?
9. Can I loan my extra sewing machine to the COVID Rangers?
10. Do you accept supply donations? I don’t sew or embroider, but I still want to help.
11. Where do I donate supplies or drop off completed masks?
12. I don’t drive. How can I get completed masks to you?
13. Who are our partners in this effort?
14. Who do I contact for more information?