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Notice to Bail Bond Companies

The latest version of the Bail Bond Board Rules has been posted to the Website. Additionally, all application forms have been updated and posted on the Website. Application forms for Companies, as well as Employees, now require a PDF to be emailed to the Treasurer (Board Secretary, currently the County Treasurer), and the original application taken to the County Treasurer's Office. Employee Application forms can be approved by the Board Secretary if there are no issues, thus speeding the process.

All application forms and monthly reports should be emailed to the Treasurer.

  • Rule 307 requires a monthly listing of Bail Bond Employees.
  • Rule 308 requires notification of the termination of any employee and the circumstances regarding that termination (this is important to ensure that the Sheriff's Office has the latest employee information).
  • Rule 603 requires a monthly report of outstanding bonds.

The Board adopted a standardized format during their September 2015 meeting. Effective immediately, use the Bail Bond Monthly Report 9-2015 (PDF) form to get started.

Failure to provide the monthly reports and/or notification of termination will result in a request for you to appear before the Bail Bond Board. While you are invited to our monthly Board Meetings, it is our preference that you attend on your own initiative, not due to delinquency issues.

Questions can be emailed to Liliana Subieta at the Williamson County Treasurer's Office or by phone: 512-943-1540.

Scott Heselmeyer
Williamson County Treasurer/Bail Bond Board Secretary