Tucker Smith HouseAlso known as Taylorsville Established 1876

Taylorsville, Taylor. Although almost unanimously referred to in county records of the 1870s as Taylorsville, the first entry in the U.S. Post Office Department listed the town as Taylorville. The post office there opened August 9, 1876, with J. B. Loper, postmaster, about the time the rails were completed through town. Subsequent postmasters were James B. Simons (1877); listed for Taylorsville: J. O. Frink (1880), John H. Hutchinson (1890). Beginning December 20, 1892, the postal entry is changed to Taylor with the appointment of Edward A. Robertson. His successors were John Lloyd (1894), James A. Simons (1895), Carrie E Hoke (1898), Frank S Way (1912), John L. Brunner (1915), Alex P. Hicks (1924), Paula Hicks (1930), John L. Brunner (1933), Mrs. Nell H. Brunner (1948), Daniel M. Hannan (1950), J. B. Dabbs (1973).

Taylor, whose population made it the largest town in Williamson County until about the 1970s, is in the 1990s the fourth in size in 1998-1999, with a head count of 13,456. Taylor has two city parks: Murphy Park, which is fed by natural springs that give it a lake, and Robinson Park, both of them with swimming pools. Johns Community Hospital and Scott and White Clinic handle its medical needs, with ten doctors working part-time, and twelve who are full-time practitioners. The community has three nursing homes: SPJST, Health Care, and Rosewood homes.

Taylor Public School System has always had a good reputation for strong schools. There are two elementary, one middle, one junior high, and one high school, and another high school will be built soon after 1998. There are 209 teachers and 85 teachers' aides. Enrollment is 2,872 in 1998-1999. In recent years, Taylor has acquired the Intercraft firm which is an important addition to its economy, manufacturing picture frames in enormous numbers.

Taylor has had an airport since World War II, but plans soon to enlarge and improve the facility, primarily to take care of larger sized planes. Late in 1998, Taylor was awarded a grant from the National Trust to help them begin a program of restoration and renovation of buildings on Main Street. The aid from this grant will fund advice and supervision in this restoration project. Another splendid project for Taylor has been the County Commissioners' purchase of land in late 1998 to create a park covering 164 acres. It will be located east of Taylor, and is planned to serve Taylor, Thrall, Granger, and other communities without parks of their own.


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