Hutto HippoEstablished 1876

Hutto, town established when the I. and G.-N. railroad came through there in 1876. Hutto was built north of the much earlier settlement of Shiloh. Postmasters at Hutto were J. E Hutto (June 27, 1877), John A. Blanton (1879), Thomas M. Metcalfe (1883), William H. McCormick (189o), Victor M. McCormick (1891), Thomas H. Flinn (1893), Joseph B. Ross (1897), J. R. Davis (1909), Lillie Wilson (1911), Willis D. Holman (1916), John C. Ray (1924), Ward O. Miller (1933), Walter L. Bergstrom (1934), Oscar Humphrey (1938), Carl Stern (1952), Hugh S Davenport (1953).

In 1998, Hutto had 740 residents. This small community has a weekly newspaper, The Hutto Herald, and a Scott and White office will soon be built. There are three schools, an elementary, and a high school, with another high school being built, in which grades one through twelve are taught. There are a number of small stores, such as grocery, filling stations, and the like. Hutto also has a park on the edge of town, and others are being projected in the future. Growth is quite evident at Hutto, where building is booming. "Nearly 2,000 residential lots are either in concept stages or already undergoing preliminary approval. Two large subdivisions are being finalized: one tract with 77 lots and construction expected to begin in February (1999), and an even larger tract boasting 123 lots and aiming for construction to begin in June (1999)," Lee Simmons wrote in the Williamson County Sunday, Georgetown. A proposed industrial park is in the planning stages, and a new high school is being constructed, with completion planned in August 1999, Simmons said. The community has a small museum with collections of Swedish history, the weekly newspaper, Hutto Herald, the local bank, and a Chamber of Commerce, all providing needed facilities.


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