Mager CemeteryAlso known as Dacus or Dacus Crossing - Established 1893

Beyersville, community near Dacus Crossing and Dacus School. Dacus Crossing was mentioned in records soon after Civil War, the school by 1889, where church services were also held. Gustav (Gus) Beyer settled there in 1886, established several businesses; post office at Beyersville was established April 15, 1893, Gustav Beyer, postmaster, succeeded by William Rummel (1898), changed to Wilhelm Rummel a month later; Robert Stumhofer (1906); office closed January 31, 1909. Businesses included stores of Beyer, Rummel, Albert Frerichs, Stumhofer, J. T. Simcik's molasses mill, 1908-1935; blacksmith shops of Albert Becker and Walter Sipple; gins owned by Leopold Bachmayer, Charlie Bachmayer, Ben Thonig; Albert Frerichs garage; Wagon Wheel tavern; Sons of Hermann Lodge Hall used for dances and community activities. Name of school was changed from Dacus to Beyersville at least by 1897. A small oil field was developed on the Charlie Preusse farm about 1940. School consolidated with Taylor in 1950.


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Photo caption: Mager Cemetery - Photo Courtesy John Christeson, April 2010