Opportunities for Williamson & Burnet Counties


Opportunities for Williamson and Burnet Counties is a private, non-profit corporation governed by elected officials, community leaders, and target area representatives. Throughout its history, Opportunities has administered a wide range of social service and economic opportunity programs benefiting many. The board and staff are dedicated to providing services for the community through programs such as Head Start, Meals on Wheels, Community Services, and Affordable Housing. The mission of Opportunities is to make our communities stronger by empowering children, families, and seniors to achieve independence and improved quality of life.

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The county judges from Williamson and Burnet counties make appointments, and appointees can serve no more than two consecutive terms without at least a three-year break from the Board. The exception for public officials appointed would be as long as they are in office. The target area sections are voted in by an election held in their respective counties by members of their respective communities (the public).