Signing, Striping & Delineation


The purpose of traffic control devices is to promote highway safety and efficiency by providing for the orderly movement of all road users on streets and roads open to public travel. The Texas MUTCD governs the placement of signs, signals and pavement markings on every public road in Texas. Under state law, each road authority, including Williamson County, is required to follow the provisions of the manual. The responsibility for the placement, operation and maintenance rest with Williamson County and we must conform to this Manual.

It is important that the County make timely repairs to any signs that do not meet minimum standards. Routine maintenance includes replacing damaged signs and sign supports, trimming away vegetation that may block the sign, and ensuring that signs are installed at the proper height. Williamson County now uses high intensity sheeting for all regulatory, warning and guidance signs. This high-performance sheeting has a higher initial cost, but performs longer in the field, provides a better life-cycle cost and is more visible to drivers. If you notice any signs down in your area, please call us at 943-3330.

Placement of Double Yellow Center Line StripingStriping and Marking

Markings on roadways have important functions in providing guidance and information for the road user. Major marking types include pavement and curb markings, delineators, colored pavements, channelizing devices, and islands. Road and Bridge's goal is to re-stripe all school crosswalks every year before the end of the summer with high intensity thermoplastic striping. Other roadway striping is typically on a two-year re-striping cycle - or earlier if needed.