Post Release Supervision

The Post Release Supervision Unit of Pretrial Services monitors defendants who are arrested for felony charges and who are released from jail on surety or Personal Bond. Pretrial Supervision assists in alleviating the jail population and allows defendants the opportunity to care for their families, remain employed, hire an attorney, and participate in their defense. Defendants assigned to the Post Release Supervision Unit will receive court date reminders as a means of assuring court appearance. Pretrial Supervision may include a requirement for Ignition Interlock, Portable Alcohol Monitor, SCRAM, or location monitoring. The goal of Pretrial Supervision is to assure defendants appear in court, do not pose a risk to the community, and comply with the conditions ordered as part of their Pretrial release.

Pretrial Supervision Online Monthly Check-In

You have been ordered to report to Pretrial Services as a condition of your release on bond. To maintain your compliance, you are required to complete the pretrial supervision online check in form each month until your case is resolved. This form must be completed no later than the 15th day of the month. Failure to submit the online check in form is considered a violation of your bond conditions and may result in the revocation of your bond and your return to custody. If you need assistance with this form, please call 512-943-1442 or 512-943-1446.

Complete the pretrial supervision online check-in form:

How to Pay GPS & Drug Testing Fees

No Cash or Personal Checks.

Money Orders and Cashier's checks should be payable to "Williamson County."

  • Mail
    • Williamson County Pretrial Services
      405 Martin Luther King Boulevard
      Box 19
      Georgetown, Texas 78626.
    • Include the defendant's Name, DOB and Sheriff's Office Number (SO#) is the number assigned to the defendant while in custody.
  • Online (follow these instructions)
    • Choose Payment Type "GPS Monitoring Fee" or "Drug Testing Fee" from drop down menu.
    • Sheriff's Office Number (SO#) is the number assigned to the defendant while in custody.