Seal Coat

About the Seal Coat Program

Streets in the above subdivisions will receive two different types of resurfacing products. The straight sections of road will receive what is called a "seal coat" and the cul-de-sacs will receive what is called a "fog seal".

A seal coat is a preventive maintenance surface treatment designed to preserve and extend the life of a street. It protects an aging pavement surface and seals up small cracks to keep water out of the pavement. The process starts by spraying a thin layer of liquid asphalt over the pavement. It is followed by the spreading of a thin layer of small rock. The surface is then rolled with a rubber tire roller and the street is reopened to traffic. Excess gravel is swept up by a vacuum street sweeper soon thereafter. It takes about a couple of months for the new surface to completely cure and lock the surface firmly into place with the road open to regular traffic.

Streets to be Resurfaced Next

After receiving notification of the work in advance by door hangers, flashing message signs or static message signs, please monitor the “Streets to be Resurfaced Next” schedule for an updated list of streets to be resurfaced the next two days.

Get Informed

There are some important steps in a successful resurfacing application that occur months before the product is actually applied. County Road and Bridge crews will start preparing your streets in the Fall and Winter for resurfacing operations that will occur the following Spring and Summer.