Road Maintenance

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Neighborhood Street Resurfacing Program

More than 530 miles of county roads are located in subdivisions and are maintained by Road and Bridge. These roads have been patched or repaired as needed, but not resealed in several years. Cracks in the roadway allow water to deteriorate the road materials that hold it together and affect its load bearing capacity. In order to ensure that our county roads are sealed and protected from deterioration due to water, Williamson County has begun a major investment in preventative maintenance of our local roads. 

County Road Major Maintenance

Once a road has deteriorated to a point where preventative maintenance is no longer a viable option, then other corrective actions become necessary. Each road is different. Roads have different traffic loadings, different soil conditions, different existing materials in the pavement structure, and different drainage characteristics. By analyzing the existing road conditions, we determine whether to improve, replace or construct pavement structures underneath the roadway surface on a case-by-case basis. The worst-case scenario for corrective actions involves total reconstruction. The time, equipment and material costs associated with total reconstruction are many times greater than preventive maintenance. That is why preventive maintenance is so important.