Pay Online

Online Payments

Please Read All the Information Before Submitting Payment:

  • Payment on tickets for Driving While License Invalid, No Liability Insurance, or No Drivers License will be followed by notification from DPS of Surcharges Due. Please refer to the DPS website for information on the Driver Texas Driver Responsibility Program (Surcharges or Point System) program before submitting payment.
  • Requests to take a Driving Safety Course in order to have a ticket dismissed must be made by mail or by person. Payments made online will negate your opportunity to have the case dismissed.
  • Only full payments are accepted and once accepted the case is closed and reported as a conviction. Juvenile cases are not available, nor are certain cases involving particular offenses. (i.e. Alcohol Offenses by Minors)
  • Pay Online: Use the form on this page Payments will be posted to the case within 24 business hours.
  • Credit Card payments may be made at the JP2 office at 350 Discovery Boulevard, Suite 204, Cedar Park, Texas 78613. Cash and Money Orders are also accepted, however, no personal checks will be accepted.