Petitions, Answers & Other Civil Documents

Petitions, answers, and other civil documents can be filed using E-File, in person, by mail or the drop box located on the side of our building. Please refer to: eFiling for Texas for more information on filing online.


Evictions are being accepted via E-File or in person. For information on Tenants' Rights, please view this Tenants' Rights Handbook provided by the Texas Young Lawyers Association and State Bar of Texas (PDF). For more information on the Coronavirus updates pertaining to Evictions please visit the FAQ's located on the Texas Justice Court Training.

Odyssey Guide & File

The Guide and File application is designed to guide pro se filers when filing petitions and other documents by e-file.

Although e-Filing is not currently mandated for Justice Courts in Texas, our court is currently accepting filings through e-file. Filing online provides many benefits such as eliminating the need to print documents or fill them out by hand. By using e-file, you can file anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

Help For Self-Represented Litigants

The following links contain helpful information that is not legal advice and does not take the place of talking to a lawyer.

  • Texas Law Help: Information about different areas of the law for people who are handling their own simple civil legal matter. It also has a Chat service that allows the user to chat with someone who can help.
  • Texas Court Help: Videos and other information in English and Spanish about going through the court system, including information about how to find a lawyer, where to find forms, and how to get ready to go to court.
  • Texas State Law Library Consumer and Self-Help Information: The State Law Library website has self-help information, forms, and links. Its "Ask a Librarian" feature allows users to get legal information from a librarian by email.
  • Texas Justice Court Training Center
  • Self Represented Litigant: This website contains forms and information on several types of civil cases.
  • Texas Rules of Evidence
  • Texas Rules of Civil Procedure

Civil Fees

For a list of our most common civil fees, please see this chart Civil Fee Chart (PDF) If you are not certain or do not see the fee listed that you are needing, please contact our office by phone at 512-244-8622, by email Civil Division, or in person.