Magistrate's Office

The Williamson County Magistrate's Office is staffed by four Associate Judges who serve under the direction of the District and County Court at Law Judges of Williamson County pursuant a Standing Referral Order (Chapter 54A, Tex. Gov't Code).

The Associate Judges serve as Magistrates at the Williamson County Jail and conduct Bail Hearings pursuant to Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 15.17.  The Magistrate Court conducts these hearings seven days a week, 365 days a year and insures that each Arrestee is advised of their rights, the charges against them, the amount of bail set, and the conditions of their release on bail, including Emergency Protective Orders.  All Magistrate processes conform with the requirements of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Senate Bill 6, the Sandra Bland Act, and the State and Federal Constitutions.  

During this first appearance, the Associate Judge, acting as a Magistrate, does not determine guilt or innocence, nor can they provide legal advice.

In addition to their roles as Magistrates, the Associate Judges review and authorize arrest warrants and certain search warrants, including blood search warrants, in criminal cases and provide judicial support to the Courts hearing criminal cases.

Note: The information contained herein is for general knowledge and should not be considered legal advice to you. If you have questions regarding the legal implications of information contained herein as it applies to you, consult with a Texas licensed attorney.

To modify an Emergency Protective Order (EPO), you must file a motion with the appropriate Clerk's Office.  If your EPO is related to a felony case, you must file your motion with the Williamson County District Clerk.  If it is related to a misdemeanor case, you must file your motion with the Williamson County Clerk's Office.

How to File
Attorneys must electronically file (EFile) their motion.  
Non attorneys may EFile or mail the motion to:

Lisa David
Williamson County District Clerk
405 Martin Luther King
Georgetown, TX  78626
Nancy Rister
Williamson County Clerk
405 Martin Luther King
Georgetown, TX  78626

How to Set a Hearing
If you would like to request a hearing on your motion, email [email protected] to schedule a hearing.

More Information
The Magistrate's Office and Pretrial Services are not able to provide you with legal advice.  Additional information about modification of an EPO can be found in Chapter 87 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.  If you have questions, you should consult a licensed Texas attorney.