Specialized Supervision Caseloads

  1. Electronic Monitoring

The Electronic Monitoring Program was established in November 1989 to add an extra level of supervision for both probationers and pre-trial defendants either as an original condition of probation, a condition of pre-trial release, or as a sanction. The technology employs a combination of cell phone towers and global positioning systems (GPS) which can be utilized for a variety of purposes i.e. monitor curfew, record exits from a residence, and indicate if a defendant/probationer is prohibited from contacting a victim or a particular location or zone.

Offenders on Community Supervision and Pre-Trial Services can participate in this program.

  1. Ignition Interlock
  1. Sex Offender
  1. Mental Health
  1. Special Needs
  1. Fugitive Apprehension
  1. Domestic Violence