Fire Stations

Volunteer DepartmentsPart-Time Paid StaffESD ContractChiefPrecinct
BartlettNoN/ASteve Wenetreck4
CouplandNoESD Number 10Jared Cummings4
GrangerNoN/AJames Cervenka4
Avery Pickett VFDNoN/AJohn Shelton4
ThrallNoESD Number 10Mark Mullenberg4
WeirNoESD Number 6Charles Frymire3

Paid Departments (Full-Time)Part-Time Paid StaffESD ContractChiefPrecinct
Cedar ParkNoESD Number 11 and Number 12James Mallinger1 and 2
FlorenceYesESD Number 7Ray Cummings3
GeorgetownNoESD Number 8John Sullivan3
HuttoYesESD Number 3Scott Kerwood4
JarrellNoESD Number 5Ron Stewart3
JollyvilleNoESD Number 1Brad Landi1
LeanderNoESD Number 9Billy Wusterhausen2 and 3
Liberty HillNoESD Number 4Anthony Lincoln2 and 3
Round RockNoESD Number 9Shane Glaiser1 and 4
Sam BassYesESD Number 2 and Number 9David Kieschnick1
TaylorNoN/ADaniel Baum4