Precinct Four

My name is Paul Leal. I have lived in the City of Taylor most of my life and married to my best friend, Michelle, since 1993. We have been blessed with two sons, Izaac Phillip and Joshua James. We are also very thankful to have had the opportunity to welcome four additional kiddos (Frances, Leonard, Courtney, and Scotty) into our home at various times throughout the years, loving them and parenting them, as our own. They are all very dear to us.

I am a graduate of Christ for the Nations Bible College, with an advanced certification in Biblical Leadership, along with Youth and Family Care. These certifications helped to better equip me while serving my local community as a youth and senior pastor. During my time in occupational ministry, I was blessed to have the opportunity to develop and lead several ministries that grew in attendance. During this time, I was tasked with developing and training paid staff along with volunteers to assist with those organizations.

Most of my life has been in the eye of the public and in the service of others. When living a life such as I have, there is no room for self-serving ways and half-truths. I have learned that maintaining a spirit of service and being open and honest and respectful of others are invaluable core values by which one should live their life. I believe I will be held to account for the way I live. This conviction compels me not to compromise my integrity. When no one else is watching, I know the Lord is. This is the way I do life. As your Precinct 4 Constable, I lead this department guided by those same core values.

I have been blessed to serve my community as a Law Enforcement officer for over twenty years. I have earned my Master Peace Officer License, am a TCOLE Instructor, as well as holding many other advanced Law Enforcement Certifications. I have served in a supervisory capacity for over half of my law enforcement career. My responsibilities encompassed all aspects of leadership - training, enforcing departmental policy and procedures, along with creating emergency disaster response plans, high risk/active shooter response plans, management, and supervision of more than twenty officers for high volume vehicle and pedestrian events, to include all areas of cost and budgeting for those events.

To be successful in law enforcement, an officer cannot be dimwitted and demeaning to the public. An officer must be highly adaptive, discerning, not only any dangers that must be navigated, but solutions to problems that are consistent with the "spirit of the law", not just the "letter of the law." Maintaining an attitude of service and humility toward the public, which officers are sworn to protect, is critically important. An officer must have the wisdom to understand the nuances of enforcing laws while, at the same time, serving the public at large. This is how mutual respect is formed with the public, and how it is best maintained.

While sound law enforcement is critical to a safe and functioning community, we cannot do it alone. I believe we are most effective when we work together with the members of the community we serve. For this reason, as your Constable, you can expect this department to work side by side with you, whenever you allow us. With impactful programs such as Citizens Academy, youth courses for new drivers on what to do when stopped by the police,

My ongoing school programs on bullying, suicide prevention, bicycle safety, Sad Past, and Great Future, I genuinely believe we are the change… together we are better, together we are stronger, together we all win.

What We Do

The Constable is elected by the voters of Precinct Four. Our precinct stretches from the very populated city of Round Rock to the rural farmlands found on the eastside of the county. We provide skip-tracing service on all process for a single fee and have a very high success rate. Our office has exceeded its court mandated revenue collection in each of the last 10 years, more than any constable in our county, which in simpler terms helped to pay most of our operating expenses. This helps keep your tax dollars down.