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Tactical medic rapelling face first down a building face.Tactical Medic Team

Since 2009, Special Force ParamedicWCEMS has maintained a team of Tactical Medics. Members of this team undergo specialized training in special weapons and tactics operations, trauma care in non-standard field environments, and related fields. The WCEMS Tactical Medics train and work closely with a variety of law enforcement special response teams, and deploy throughout the state of Texas as required in order to provide advanced life support medical support to law enforcement personnel assigned to hazardous mission profiles. Additionally, WCEMS Tactical Medics regularly staff a system ambulance dedicated to responding with law enforcement personnel within Williamson County in the event of an emergency requiring response of a tactical nature. WCEMS Tactical Medics are required to exemplify high standards of medical practice and professionalism, attend regular training in areas of applicable medicine and tactical operations, and pass regular physical fitness and agility examinations.  

EVOC trackDriving Team

The Driving Team is made up of a group of Williamson County employees who have an active desire in improving driving training, education, knowledge, and practices.  Members of the Driving Team are trained EVOC Instructors and new members would need to be available to participate in this weeklong EVOC Instructor Course.  Members participate in both the classroom portion and track portion of the driving training in the academy.  Other responsibilities include a yearly driving training in a shift track to maintain Williamson County’s CAAS accreditation, we train new hires on their first 2 operational rides during the academy, and we administer any remedial driving training for new hires or credentialed employees.  The Driving Team has 3 different sections, the classroom, track, and VARB with a lead over each section.  Driving Team Members

The Williamson County Vehicle Accident Review Board (VARB) is tasked with reviewing and investigating all collisions involving WCEMS fleet vehicles.  After the review and investigation, the team creates a report documenting their findings and opinions regarding the incident.  It is a group comprised of five members of the Driving Team.  They have experience in the safe operation of emergency vehicles and an in-depth knowledge of WCEMS policies.

The Scenario Team is an active team built into the Williamson County EMS Academy. We provide scenarios to assess our new hires and push them to use complex thinking, enabling them to gain experience and self-reflect on their performance. We as a team strive to ensure professionalism and education to grow as a system. This follows our mission statement which Williamson County EMS has adopted: “To deliver pre-eminent care enhanced by education and research.” We strongly believe that as a team we should share past experiences that may have been challenging.   Ideally, this provides great learning experiences for individual growth.

Scenario training: medic caring for patient.

Scenario training: medic caring for patient on stretcher with movement.

Scenario training: medic caring for patient.