Stop The Bleed

Button to View Calendar and RegisterStop the Bleed is a nationwide training initiative with the goal of improving survival from natural and man-made mass casualty events. Many of the deaths from these events are due to severe bleeding that could be controlled if immediate action was taken. Unfortunately, in many situations, there is a delay between the time of the injury and the arrival of a medically trained first responder. In these situations, the civilian responder can be the difference between life and death. WCEMS is a leader in providing Stop the Bleed training. 

Participants are trained to recognize and respond immediately to life-threatening bleeding using proven techniques for bleeding control. This class includes lectures, discussions, demonstrations of techniques, and opportunities for the participants to practice. For those also interested in compression-only CPR we offer the Combo: TAKE10 and Stop The Bleed.

Women with a Tourniquet Around Her ArmStop The Bleed Course Descriptions

  • Stop The Bleed Course covers the recognition of life-threatening bleeding, concepts in bleeding control, and skills practice. Approximately 90 minutes.
  • Stop The Bleed Skills Course is a complement to the online learning modules. Approximately 45 minutes.
  • Stop The Bleed Online Course is everything you need to prepare you for a bleeding emergency with the exception of hands-on skills. These are offered by us or other departments around the country. All videos are available on YouTube. Approximately 30 minutes.
  • Take10 and Stop The Bleed is a combo class with a brief intro to compression-only CPR along with the full Stop The Bleed course. Approximately 2 hours.

For more information, please contact Jim Persons at 512-943-3736 or email EMS Public Training. View available training dates.

Stop The Bleed Online Course

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