Pet Registration

Pet Registration is required for all dogs and cats in Williamson County.

Please note: we only sell licenses for the unincorporated areas of Williamson County and the City of Hutto.

If you reside inside the city limits of Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, or Leander, you will need to get your pet license from your local police department.

Residents in the city limits of Round Rock: Round Rock requires dogs and cats to have a microchip instead of a license. Microchips can be inserted and registered at the shelter during regular hours. Please email Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter for more information and/or to schedule a microchip appointment.

The Pet Registration fee is $5 for altered (spayed/neutered) and $10 for non-altered.
(Note: There will be a minimum of $2 or a 2.15% processing fee, whichever is greater, automatically added from the credit card processing company)

There are 3 steps to completing the online license process:

  1. You need to fill out the Online Pet Registration form found below and click the "Submit" button;
  2. You need to email a copy of the pet's rabies vaccination certificate to the shelter (we are unable to process requests without a current certificate);
  3. You need to make the payment on the Certified Payments credit card site, accessed by clicking the link below that says "Pay Registration Fee Here."

Please note: When you are paying your registration fee, under the "Payment Type" section, where the field specifies "General Use," please drag down the menu and choose the "Animal License/Registration" option.

Pay Registration Fee Here

Fill out the online pet registration form.