Vendor Reimbursement

The purpose of this Williamson County Vendor Reimbursement Policy ("Policy") is to provide clear guidelines to vendors on Williamson County's expectations and requirements regarding allowable reimbursable expenditures and required backup. The Policy will also minimize conflicts related to invoice payments and define non-reimbursable items. This Policy is considered a guideline and is not a contract.

This Policy may be altered, deleted or amended, at any time and without prior notice to vendors, by action of the Williamson County Commissioners Court. Unenforceable provisions of this Policy, as imposed by applicable law, regulations, or judicial decisions, shall be deemed to be deleted. Any revisions to this Policy will be distributed to all current vendors doing business with the County.

  1. Invoices and Affidavits
    1. Invoices must adequately describe the goods or services provided to County and include all required backup (i.e. reimbursable expenses, mileage log, time sheets, receipts detailing expenses incurred etc.) that is in a form acceptable to the Williamson County Auditor. Invoices that do not adequately describe the goods or services provided to County or contain backup that is satisfactory to the Williamson County Auditor will be returned to vendor for revisions and the provision above relating to invoice errors resolved in favor of the County shall control as to the required actions of vendor and when such invoice must be paid by the County.
    2. In the event an invoice includes charges based upon hourly billing rates for services or any other rates based upon the amount of time worked by an individual or individuals in performing services, whether the charges are being billed directly to the County or whether they are the basis of invoices from subcontractors for which the vendor seeks reimbursement from the County, the charges shall be accompanied by an affidavit signed by an officer or principal of the vendor certifying that the work was performed, it was authorized by the County and that all information contained in the invoice that is being submitted is true and correct.
    3. Upon County's request, vendor must submit all bills paid affidavits wherein vendor must swear and affirm that vendor has paid each of its subcontractors, laborers, suppliers and material in full for all labor and materials provided to vendor for or in connection with services and work performed for County and, further, vendor must swear and affirm that vendor is not aware of any unpaid bills, claims, demands, or causes of action by any of its subcontractors, laborers, suppliers, or material for or in connection with the furnishing of labor or materials, or both, for services and work performed for County.

Partial document is displayed, download the whole Vendor Reimbursement Policy (PDF).