(Commissioners Court meetings) Contracts approved through Commissioners Court can be found on the Agenda and Minutes Search page.

Contract Search

Agenda & Minutes Search Instructions

Using the search function:

  • Select Minutes for the selection criteria (note: minutes are not posted immediately and may be delayed by a couple of weeks)
  • Adjust the Starting Month/Year and Ending Month/Year to narrow search results
  • Enter keyword(s) in the search box
    • Search tips:
      • keep search terms to one or two words
      • do not use common words
      • use last names or vendor name
      • for vendors with several words in the name, such as law offices, use only one word
      • for road names, leave off CR, County Road, St., etc.
      • use bid number (enter numbers only, do not include bid, RFQ, IFB, etc.)
      • no punctuation
  • Click on go to run the search
  • For further details and to view any attachments, click on the agenda item under "title"
  • Click on attachment link to view the related item (contract, work authorization, policy, etc.)