Commissioners Court

Williamson County Commissioners

Judge Bill Gravell Jr.County Judge

Bill Gravell


  1. Duties of The Court

The State of Texas sets the duties of the Commissioners Court. The general duties of Commissioners Court are as follows:

  • Establish a courthouse and jail
  • Build roads and bridges
  • Assure the safe-keeping of land and citizen records
  • Let contracts in the name of the County
  • Provide law enforcement through the County sheriff
  • Administer the County's public welfare services
  • Administer the County's public health services
  • Perform numerous duties in regard to elections
  • Operate County parks
  • Appoint numerous officials
  • Set the County tax rate
  • Issue bonds
  • Adopt the County budget
  1. Appointments to Boards & Organizations
  1. County Budget
  1. Williamson County Historical Commission Appointments

Meetings & Agendas

Visit our Special Meetings and Agendas section for information about upcoming Commissioners Court meetings and agendas. Read the Order Setting Rules of Procedure, Conduct and Decorum (PDF) at Meetings of the Commissioners Court. Individuals wishing to speak during the Public Comment time may fill out a Public Participation form (PDF).

Court Records

The Commissioners Court is a court of record and all minutes of proceedings are recording as permanent documents by the County Clerk. Commissioners Court minutes are available for public viewing in the County Clerk's office at the Justice Center during normal business hours or online 24 hours a day 7 days a week at Commissioners Court Agendas and Minutes.

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