Provider Education

WCEMS system medics and firefighters running a mock CPR call with text, training the best.

EMS Provider Education

Video laryngoscope and heart monitorWe take education seriously. The quality of care provided to each patient is dependent on maintaining knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving world of prehospital medicine. Williamson County EMS is not just the provider of 911 ambulance service for the county. We also provide direction and training for fire and medical first responders. Learn how education is provided to Williamson County EMS medical providers. Information about and for transport medics, first responder organizations, and our peer support services is included.

The Right Stuff

We have over 150 medics working in teams on every WCEMS ambulance. Not all medics are created equally. What makes our medics different? Our hiring, credentialing, and ongoing training processes guarantee you're getting the highest quality medics.

Our hiring practices invite only the right people for the job. The credentialing process ensures this further. This process begins in our New Member Academy. The Academy lasts nearly a month and consists of ambulance ride time as well as class time with our educators, including the Medical Director, Dr. Ratcliff.

They are evaluated with real-time scenarios so we know how they'll perform before they reach your door. Once our new members enter the field, they work under the supervision of a Field Training Officer. This process can last nearly a year as they learn about our system, citizens, and expectations of quality.  Only when we are ready to entrust the lives of our family members and yours do the new members of the department earn their credential. We wear this red badge proudly as it grants us the opportunity to respect, care, and serve you as WCEMS medics. Learn with us! Visit the WCEMS Youtube page.

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System Partner First Responder Agency Training

WCEMS and Williamson County Fire Departments

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All first responders are credentialed to provide medical care under Dr. Ratcliff. Community First Responders all the way up through First Responder Paramedics have their own tailor-made programs. The goal is medical care that meets or exceeds expectations county-wide. These credentialing processes are designed and implemented with Dr. Ratcliff, the WCEMS clinical practices office, and first responder agencies.

Continuing Education

Online education for the WCEMS System is paid for jointly by WCEMS and the Williamson County Fire Chief's Association. This continuing education is produced by WCEMS and is served on CareerCert, an online education platform. CareerCert requires a membership but some content may be viewed by anyone by accessing the WCEMS YouTube page. In-person training is essential to the mastery of many pre-hospital skills.


If you are a first responder with questions please contact your organization's EMS officer.

For all other inquiries, please email WCEMS Captain Nick Moore.