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Williamson County Emergency Medical Services (WCEMS) is a professional healthcare organization that is proud to provide emergency medical services to all the communities of Williamson County, Texas. We are a Williamson County department that collaborates with area first responders to provide assistance. We are a separate department from Fire or Police. We provide a high level of care by focusing on out-of-hospital medical care. We charge a user fee, just like your doctor's office, minor care clinic, or hospital emergency room.

We hope this answers your frequently asked questions about our services and associated billing.

Medical Records & Privacy

For questions involving HIPAA or patient privacy please contact:

EMS Administrative Manager and Privacy Officer
Theresia Carter
Phone: 512-943-1265
Email: [email protected]

Medical Records & Privacy FAQs

EMS Management & Consultants EMS|MC handles medical record requests on behalf of Williamson County EMS. 

Williamson County EMS takes the privacy and security of patient information seriously and complies with federal and state regulations.  

Identity verification of a requestor will be required by either signature notarization or through valid government issued photo ID. 

If the requestor is someone other than the patient, documentation to verify the authority of the requestor to authorize the release of the medical record will also be required. 

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Billing & Compliance

For Billing Records and questions please contact:

EMS Management and Consultants
P.O. Box 429
Lewisville, NC 27023-0429
WCEMS Customer Service Line: 877-200-9362
7 am to 5 pm CST
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Continuous Quality Improvement

WCEMS System of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is a dynamic tool utilized by WCEMS to assure every patient care report has a clinical review addressing elements of the documentation standards and clinical practice. Special attention to electronic interfaces between patient care documentation and billing software is a priority to assure compliance with federal billing guidelines. We work closely with Williamson County Auditors and our third-party billing agency to provide internal and external audits. Review of financial records, billing guidelines, and processes helps us identify and maintain continuous quality assurance and improvement to meet federal healthcare compliance. The billing reimbursement team is comprised of highly experienced staff with backgrounds in Emergency Medical Services, billing, coding, auditing, and healthcare regulations. Select team members hold Certified Ambulance Coder certification (CAC). The CAC program is the industry's "Gold Standard of Excellence" in compliance, ethics, and integrity in all facets of ambulance billing, coding, and healthcare compliance. Our Williamson County EMS team takes pride in our customer service and billing practices. We are here to serve you.

Williamson County EMS
Compliance Officer, Beth Jones
Phone: 512-943-1264
Email Beth Jones

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Open Records Requests

For open records requests, please contact the Williamson County Attorney's Office:

Attn: Open Records Request
405 MLK Street, Box 7
Georgetown, TX 78626
Phone: 512-943-1158
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