Wildfire Protection Plan


Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Wildland urban interface/interface (WUI) fires are a growing community problem. Williamson County Office of Emergency Management has developed and implemented the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) with other jurisdictions and stakeholders within the county and region. Reasons for developing a CWPP include but are not limited to:

  • Frame a mitigation and preparedness plan to reduce wildfire risk within the county and region
  • Form and maintain collaborative relationships with local stakeholders, emergency response personnel, and federal and state agencies BEFORE a wildfire occurs
  • Develop and refine pre-attack strategies and plans to improve first responder readiness and safety
  • Establish and document planning activities and identify projects within the scope of the grant

In addition to protecting life and property, wildfire mitigation can also enhance first responder safety as well as protect at-risk populations, critical infrastructure, and natural resources.

Although proximity to public lands, such as grasslands, can impact wildfire risk, there are ways to minimize and reduce wildfire exposure from within the community as well. Focusing on local codes and ordinances, home ignition zones, defensible space, ignition-resistant construction and design standards, as well as hazardous fuels reduction in parks, common-owned areas, and open spaces can greatly lower the risk and impacts of a wildfire.