Investigative Division

The Investigations Division is comprised of two unique teams - Investigators and Evidence - that work closely in support of all the other divisions within the office in matters related to investigations and evidence. This division works daily with law enforcement, defense attorneys and the public to ensure compliance with all local and state laws, evidence and the discovery process.

The Investigative team of the Investigations Division is made up of six criminal investigators who are certified peace officers as defined in Chapter 2.12 TX CCP. Investigators are assigned throughout the office and perform traditional law-enforcement activities in support of criminal, civil and juvenile cases being prosecuted by the County Attorney's Office. These activities may include follow-up of criminal cases filed by any of the 28 Williamson County law enforcement agencies conducting formal investigations, tracking witnesses, ensuring that all witnesses/evidence required to prosecute cases is present when required in court and participation in various County, State and Federal working groups or Task Forces.

An Investigator must have at least five years law enforcement experience and hold at least an Advanced Peace Officer License from the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement. Many of the County Attorney Investigators have specialized training in Forgery and Question Documents, Identification Officers, Firearms Instructor and TCOLE Instructors.

The Evidence team consists of four individuals who are responsible for receiving, logging and disseminating, upon request, all types of evidence from paper documents to audio/video items for all cases types prosecuted by the County Attorney's office. This division handles all inquiries regarding discovery for any criminal case type for the County Courts and Justice of the Peace Courts as well as Juvenile cases.

  1. Rudy Gonzalez

    Chief Investigator

    A.A.S. Temple College
    Master Peace Officer License, 2007

  1. John McKinney

    Deputy Chief Investigator / County Court 5

    B.A. University of Texas, 2004
    Master Peace Officer License, 2014

  1. Richard Mabe

    County Court 2 Sergent Investigator

    Master Peace Officer License, 2014

  1. Mike Jennings

    Family Violence Sergeant Investigator

    Master Peace Officer License 2017

  1. Tom Petkovsek

    County Court 3 Sergeant Investigator

    B.A.A.S. Midwestern State University, 2016
    Master Peace Officer License, 2019

  1. Blake Plueckhahn

    Civil / Juvenile Sergeant Investigator

    B.S. University of Texas, 1986
    Master Peace Officer License, 1999

  1. Michael Etheridge

    Evidence Director

  1. Kasey Keahey

    Evidence Technician

  1. Morgan Hahn

    Evidence Technician

  1. Zach Galliett

    Evidence Technician