The Civil Division of the County Attorney's Office handles a variety of civil matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Representation on assigned civil litigation involving Williamson County and defense of civil suits and claims against Williamson County or County officials
  • Advice and counsel on requests for legal opinions from elected County officials and other County officials, including employment-related and claim-related question
  • Mental health cases / matters
  • Misdemeanor bond forfeitures
  • Assertion of claims by the County on matters where the County is a claimant, such as contract claims
  • Defense and handling of personal injury and property damage claims against the County or County officials
  • Public Information Act requests
  • Utility right-of-way property damage claims
  • Open Meetings Act matters
  • Representation of State agencies in elder abuse and guardianship proceedings
  1. Ariane Flores

    Civil Chief

    B.A. Baylor University, 2013
    J.D. Baylor Law School, 2016

  1. Kerstin Siptak

    Executive Legal Assistant

  1. Allyssa Delgadillo

    Civil Prosecutor

  1. Dianne Flores

    Civil Legal Assistant

    B.A. Sul Ross State University, 1994
    Bilingual, Spanish