Community Events

Williamson County Emergency Communications attends community events that allow our team to engage with our community and other partners in public safety. These events afford us the opportunity to answer questions, recruit future employees, educate the public, and hand out free goodies.


This event encompasses the following entities below and provides the opportunity for the public to meet members of each team, ask questions and of course touch the assets and equipment used every day in their duties. View pictures of our most recent attendance in June 2021.

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Touch-a-Truck Event - June 2021 - People at a Booth
Touch-a-Truck Event - June 2021 - People in a line at a Booth

Attending Entities

  • Wilco Emergency Communications
  • Wilco Emergency Management
  • Local Sheriff and Police departments and their specialty units
  • Local Fire and EMS departments
  • Military
  • ISD Transportation
  • Texas Search and Rescue
  • FBI
  • Local vendors

Shattered Dreams

This event occurs at a local high school campus that re-enacts the scene of an alcohol-related crash. This event encompasses the incident as if it were happening now with the following responses:

  • 911 call
  • Police
  • Fire
  • EMS
  • HELO (helicopter response)
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Funeral home
  • Family notifications
  • Arresting the driver

This event helps to educate teens and other members of the community about the dangers of drunk driving. View pictures of our most recent event in May 2021.

Shattered Dreams Event - May 2021
Emergency Communications Uniform
Williamson County Emergency Communications Vehicle