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Williamson County’s Road Bond Program was started in 2000 when the Commissioners Court realized that Williamson County was on the brink of tremendous growth. County voters approved using long-term financing through the sale of bonds to fund major capital improvement projects such as new construction and expansion of roads. Since then, Williamson County has had a total of four successful bond elections with voters approving funding which completed 247 projects, added 376 new capacity lane miles, and constructed a total of nearly 854 lane miles.

In November 2019, voters approved $412 million to continue to fund projects which would increase safety and mobility across the county. Voters recognized that as the county continued to grow, new transportation routes and safety improvements would be needed to maintain the high quality of life they enjoyed in Williamson County. Want to learn more? Click here to register for Transportation on the Grow, the county’s quarterly e-newsletter about road projects. For questions, please email [email protected] or call 512-943-1195 and leave a message.

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