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Petco Love Lost

Petco Love Lost uses facial recognition software to report or search for lost or found pets nationwide. It's free and easy to use. Search your lost cat or dog today.

Lost & Found

The animals on our Lost and Found page are waiting to reunite with their families, and we are committed to helping them do that. We cannot release any information about them, nor accept appointments to meet them, from any member of the public who is not a part of their family.

If your pet is at WCRAS, we're so glad that you've found your furry family member! Please email us today. We'll need to verify ownership with the following:

  • Your name, address, phone number
  • A photo of your pet or veterinary records.

We also want to be sure your pet is as healthy as possible when they leave the shelter. If he or she already has their rabies vaccination, please send a photo of their rabies certificate or let us know where they got their vaccination so we can verify that. If your pet has not received their rabies vaccination recently, don't worry! We can help you with that before we send them home with you. Finally, if your pet wasn't microchipped, we've taken care of that as well so they can get back home to you as fast as possible should they become lost again in the future.

When you arrive at the shelter:

  • Park in the Services Center parking lot (near the brown building), located right off of SE Inner Loop;
  • Bring any documentation requested by staff with you to take your pet back home with you.

Lost Animals at the Shelter