Shelter Capacity

Chart detailing capacity levels for dogs and cats.The main measure of the health of the shelter overall is our capacity. The shelter is staffed and designed to care for up to 150 cats and 110 dogs at one time in ideal conditions. Our capacity to care for the cats and dogs at numbers greater than those lessens with each above the ideal category that we have within the four walls of the shelter.

Our programs are designed to help keep our capacities at the ideal level, as much as possible, and become more and more important to our life-saving mission the higher our shelter population grows.

  • Adoptions account for the vast majority of our ability to maintain what is considered "no kill" status - saving 90% or more of the dogs, cats, and other small animals brought to us. 
  • Fosters are another critical component to that mission. 
  • Volunteers help to lighten the load that gets heavier with higher populations. 
  • And donations help to fund the programs that are vital to our success as your local animal shelter.

It is only through the community's support that we are able to call ourselves a "no kill" shelter.