Strategic Plan

In Fiscal Year 2023, Williamson County set out to create a Strategic Plan to guide county offices and departments in planning for the future. The Strategic Plan framework shows the importance of the vision and mission to guide the County. Each of the six strategic priorities tells the story of what is most important, and outcomes define the success in each priority. The seven key goals will accomplish the outcomes and consistently move the County to realizing the vision. 

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We are a friendly, safe and healthy county; with endless opportunities, strong community investment, thriving families and prospering businesses.


Our Mission is to provide excellent customer service while executing strategic, financially sustainable core services that promote a healthy, safe and prosperous County.

Integrate policies to ensure financial stability and sustainability across all services

The focus of this goal is to ensure that all County policies and procedures are reviewed and updated, and in some cases created, with financial sustainability as the core approach. This would include a long range financial plan, the County tax rate, and debt service. The goal goes beyond just policies as it also integrates partnering with other stakeholders to share financial responsibilities and duties in the delivery of services to the community, planning ahead for major capital expenditures to ensure the best possible financial outcome, and the consideration of revenue sources matched to the expenditures.

SMART Objectives

  1. Create a financial cost/benefit matrix for growth and development that esures the ability to meet the county's mission by July, 2024
  2. Require fiscal notes for all grants and new programs/renewals by January, 2024
  3. Review all operations for possible partnerships and cost sharing by January, 2024

The Path Forward

Change remains the constant in Williamson County. Whether it is with the county’s population growth, the diverse community of residents or with regards to an ever-evolving landscape of buildings, organizations, businesses, and institutions, the County continues to change. Within our organization, we've intentionally focused on creating positive organizational and service change, with continuous improvement as a guiding principle.

The strong history of strategic planning within Williamson County is led by the Commissioner’s Court and implemented by the elected officials, department heads and staff. The Plan defines the changes that the County hopes to achieve and integrating the Strategic Plan as a road map to the future will help us to plan and adapt, whatever it brings. The County will continuously work on the Implementation Plan with regular updates to the Commissioner’s Court. An annual review will be undertaken at the beginning of the budget process each year to reaffirm the Strategic Priorities and Key Goals.

With this plan the County Commissioners, County leadership and staff have been intentional about developing a document that truly connects the work of our offices and departments overarching goals, objectives, and strategies. This Strategic Plan does not shy away from the complexities of the organization’s and the community’s challenges and opportunities. This plan, which connects the work of multiple departments in a series of overarching strategies, embraces collaboration. 

This ten-year Strategic Plan is a dynamic guide for the organization. It will be updated each year through the County’s annual operating budget process. It will serve as a framework for future conversations and decisions about ways that the County can continue to improve service delivery to prepare for whatever the future brings. We look forward to continuing to serve you, the community, and to working with you as residents to help us address the challenges and opportunities ahead.

August 1, 2023


We would like to thank our amazing elected officials, our department heads, our staff and our community partners for your feedback and input on our Strategic Plan. Our focus has always been to meet the needs of our community while providing exceptional, responsive, and sustainable services. We truly appreciate everyone who completed our surveys, attended a focus group meeting, and dedicated the time and effort into contributing strategy and vision.

We want to specifically recognize the members of the Core Team - your hard work and dedication has made this Strategic Plan possible. The countless hours you spent to ensure the process was smooth and successful were much appreciated and valued. Finally, we want to recognize our outstanding staff who are, as was pointed out in the feedback, dedicated to serving our community.